DIY Updating Your Half Bath

If you have an old half bath in your house And you are tired of seeing how it looks, we want to give you some lists of ideas that will help you have an updated bathroom at a very low price.

STEP 1: Your Sink and toilet. 

Replacing your sink installing a new and updated sink will do a big difference on your bath, Today there are a large number of sinks with modern designs in keeping with the times we live in. Installing a modern top, faucet and hardware will make a big difference on your design.

You can find dualflush toilet and modern toilet and good price

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STEP 2: Ad light

For easy installation, make sure the base of each new light fixture matches or is larger than the old one. Add decorative wall scones to complement the new hardware.

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STEP 3: install bathroom hardware.

Installing bathroom hardware matching in colors and design with your faucets will be a great help for you.

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STEP 4: Floor tile and backsplash

Tiling is especially important in each of our projects, The final touch of your project will depend on the type of tiles you choose, choosing a tile that match with the other elements of your bathroom will make a big difference.

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STEP 5: Repair damage on walls, trims, molding and ceiling

This is very important, If you do not repair the damage to the surfaces of your bathroom, you will not have a good result, this includes damages on: walls, ceiling and moldings.

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STEP 6: Replace molding and door hardware’s

Choose nice and cheap base and trims or maybe crown molding.


STEP 7: Install a nice fan

You can find nice fan than include different light colors, blue too music, dimmable light and much more

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