10 DIY Hacks to Burglar Proof Your Home

23 DIY Hacks to Burglar-Proof Your Home

Secure Windows with Simple Window Locks or Pin locks that are a cheap and easy solution.

Install motion sensor light in all exterior side of the house.

Motion Detector

Install door and Window Alarms, you can find cheap ones online or in hardware stores.

Secure Sheds With Screws.

Install Door Reinforcement Hardware

See the source image

Blink Home Security Camera Kit

Image result for Home Security Camera Kit

Secure Shed Door Hinges

buying a security hinge with tamper-proof pins and a locking tab at a home center or retrofit an existing hinge by removing the center screws on both sides, inserting a finish screw through one side and allowing it to protrude about 1/4 inch

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Reinforce Your Entry Door Strike Plate


Secure Patio Doors

Patios door
patio door

Install a Small Safe

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